John Cage

John Cage (*1912 in Los Angeles, †1992 in New York City) was an American composer and artist, student of Henry Cowell and Arnold Schönberg. His compositions are among the key works of contemporary music and his concerts have had a lasting impact on the art movement Fluxus. Cage became internationally known with the piece 4'33 (1952), which is also called a silent piece. The works of John Cage combine music and everyday noises into unique sound events. Since the late 1960s, Cage increasingly also worked as a visual artist. He experimented with various printing techniques and possibilities of design with the aid of the random principle and thus transferred his compositional methods to graphic works. With Gelbe Musik (yellow music), Cage designed a graphic work on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the record store Gelbe Musik (1981-2014), which, founded by Ursula Block, was one of the world’s most important places for New Music enthusiasts. Cage composed about 250 pieces of music, created numerous audio-visual works, performances, installations and works in visual arts. He gave readings, lectures and is the author of theoretical and literary writings and his works were included in exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world.

Gelbe Musik
1991, screen print, 54 × 100 cm, edition of 60, signed and numbered
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